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At People's Dental, your smile & oral health is our top priority. Our goal is to provide quality, family dentistry that builds a legacy of caring service for ALL PEOPLE!

Here, you will find high-quality dental care for your whole family.

Conveniently located on Highway 12, in the center of Starkville - you'll feel right at home in our new, state-of-the-art office. From your dentists, Dr. Woolfolk and Dr. Ables, to your hygienists and the entire team, everyone here is committed to exceeding your expectations.

We love our community! ❤ In order to better serve our neighbors, we have teamed up with as many dental insurance companies as possible.

That's why we are your local Medicaid and In-network providers! 

Our dentistry is for all people. Let us serve you!


  • "I was treated with great respect.The quality and professionalism with which I was treated made me feel valued. The work on my mouth gave me my smile back. I can laugh out loud without missing teeth. Thanks People Dental."
    Mary P.
  • "Great experience. Such a clean, professional environment, with caring and nice staff. I will return!"
    Katherine H.
  • "Very professional, friendly staff. Quickly got me from the waiting room to my appointed hygienist who was exceptional!"
    Deborah M.
  • "Great service. Friendly staff. I was completely at ease and they were accommodating to my medical needs. I would highly recommend!"
    Sandra T.
  • "My visit with peoples Dental was unexplainable. Everyone was so pleasant and had beautiful attitudes. I would highly recommend Peoples Dental."
    Melissa B.
  • "My first experience was amazing. So excited to see a dentist office that’s in tune with technology."
    Tracy C.
  • "My hygienist was the kindest person. She took the time to go above and beyond, answered all of my questions, and was amazingly helpful."
    Audrey B.
  • "Fast and friendly service. The place was clean and the staff was polite and professional. My 8 year old handled the trip perfectly. They worked with my dental insurance without issue. Highly recommended.
    Fast and friendly service…"
  • "People’s Dental was by far the best the best dentists office that I have ever been to. The staff is really polite and very helpful with everything. The dentists are some of the best that I have ever dealt with especially Dr. Woolfolk in particular. The place is very clean and comfortable plus I can’t explain how much I appreciate all the good work they did. It has finally given me my confidence back that I haven’t had in years. They pulled all my bad teeth and replaced them with a top and bottom plate that fits and looks amazing. Dr. Woolfolk did my impressions and adjustments and he did an excellent job! They will help you out any way they possibly can so try them out.
    Given me my confidence back…"
  • "Dr. Milan is the best ever! She took out my wisdom teeth and I feel so so much better. I am pregnant,and she is taking such great care of me. I can’t stand the taste of all the numbing medicine, and she makes sure to tell every single member of the staff that comes in to rinse my mouth and suction it very well so it won’t cause me to be sick. That means SOOOOO MUCH to me. She’s seriously the best, most energetic, all around caring and wonderful dentist I’ve ever been to!
    The best, most energetic, all around caring and wonderful dentist…"
  • "The staff is very friendly. They are very quick and really good. They will make sure you know exactly what you are getting and will go into details. They also work well with your schedule. Also got my first referral on my first vist and was rewarded! Overall they are AWESOME!"
  • "Dr Woolfolk was very kind and effective in the care of my daughter. Straightened her teeth with braces!! She was so proud! He even called us on the weekend to make sure she was doing ok!!
    Very kind and effective care…"
  • "Wonderful Visit! Everyone there was so sweet and took very good care of me. Dr. Woolfolk has always been so nice and professional and I highly recommend this office!
    Wonderful visit…"

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